Aesculap Mouth Mirror

Description: DA026R - SURFACE, Mouth mirror, 22mm, package of 12 pieces DA027R - SURFACE, Mouth mirror, 24mm, package of…

Aesculap DA090

Description: Mouth mirror handles of synthetic material, 135mm, blue

Aesculap FD258R

Description: DIADUST Micro needle holder, for suture material 6/0 - 8/0, diamond powder coated tips, 180mm straight

Aesculap BB045T

Description: Titanium scalpel handle for microsurgery blades, round handle. Light, rotatable and handy for precise cutting,…

Aesculap DX305

Description: Handle for microsurgery blades, 150mm, 5 7/8"

Aesculap BB063R

Description: Scalpel handle (no.3) for sterile scalpel blade BB510 - BB515-C, BB540, BB542, 145mm

Aesculap BB515-C

Description:   Sterile scalpel blades, fig. 15-C, heat-treated in vacuum, Sales unit: PAK = Package of 100 pieces

Aesculap Micro Soft Tissue Set (DX720)

Description: Consists of: DX305R - Handle for micro blades, 150mm, 5 7/8" DX301R - Micro raspatory, 180mm, 7" DX303R - Micro…

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